Update 1.1.0 | Workstations, tools, UI & more!

The Magical Mixture Mill

Gather exotic ingredients, brew complex mixtures, and expand your magically automated production lines -- keeping your shelves stocked, your customers happy, and your pockets full.

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43157888/4811a6b4a879364b85db879e7e3966bf5264f10b.gif[/img] Hey, magical mixers! After taking some much needed vacation we are back with our [b]first major post full release update[/b]. Broadly speaking, our main focus for this update is to implement all the QoL suggestions possible as well as tweaking numbers and balancing everything better to improve the overall feeling of pacing and progression. Most noticeably [b]we have added the ability to move workstation networks in bulk[/b]. This will make rearranging your workshop much faster and more fun. In the same vein, we have also drastically [b]reduced the material costs[/b] of most workstations which should reduce the amount of late game grinding required to fill your workshop. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43157888/d49f890ab46fadc101d0e2478c6452860d5e6f87.png[/img] We also took a look at [b]tools[/b]. Mostly, we improved those that were not at an acceptable baseline level. And while we are not going for absolute balance, we had to reduce the effectiveness of the fully upgraded Gilded Pick since it was simply so good that other tools paled in comparison. We don’t like nerfing things but had no choice with this one - but don’t worry, it still feels super satisfying to use while allowing other picks to shine. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43157888/9b37752f5c14871441732fcc471c34726b26d940.png[/img] [b]Some UI screens also got some love[/b]. Most importantly, [b]the map screen now displays repair costs of broken landmarks[/b] - like bridges and teleportals - and the import tooltip has been updated, making the repeating orders option more obvious. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43157888/74db0ac744f5b0fb436c3ea5300daf280f7316e6.png[/img] [b]The potion value calculations have also been revamped[/b]. The short version is that potions are now worth more early on, since modifiers are now flat value increases. Instead, bottle quality is now a multiplier, making bottles much more rewarding to produce in the mid to late game. Overall, this should result in a slight increase in income in the early game, not much change in the mid game, and a potential huge increase in income late game if you make the effort of crafting high quality bottles. [h2]New[/h2] [list][*] [b]Workstation Network Moving[/b] ○ You can now move entire workstation networks based on their existing connections. [*] [b]Shroompedia HUD button[/b] ○ You can now open the Shroompedia no matter where you are through a new HUD button in the bottom left of the screen. ○ The default hotkey is ‘R’. [*] [b]Store Interface Notifications[/b] ○ When a new interaction or if new info is available in a UI interface, an in-world notification now makes you aware of this. ○ This affects the Calendar, the Cargo Lift, the Bookshelf, the Alchemy Table, and the Customer Ledger. [*] Petting Fiona the cat now gives a random resource harvesting buff every day.[/list] [h2]Changes[/h2] [list][*][b] Map Improvements[/b] ○ All broken landmarks and teleportals are now shown on the map once discovered. ○ Selecting a broken landmark or teleportal on the map now shows the material costs needed to repair them, no matter where you are. ○ When zooming out, all area names are displayed. ○ It is now much clearer where you are on the map when you click a landmark. [*] [b]Potion Value Changes[/b] ○ ‘Standard’ power rating now increases potion value by 16, was 12. ○ ‘Strong’ power rating now increases potion value by 32, was 24. ○ ‘Mighty’ power rating now increases potion value by 64, was 48. ○ The Prime Essence, Optimal Ingredient and Preferred Flavor stamps now increase potion value by a flat 8 coins, instead of a +25% bonus. ○ Bottles now multiply the value of a potion instead of adding a flat bonus. ◆ Flask/Classic: 0% ◆ Robust: 25% ◆ Quality: 50% ◆ Elegant: 100% ◆ Fancy: 200% ○ The daily tally value breakdown for potions have been simplified as a result of these changes. [*] [b]Costs Reduced[/b] ○ All workstation costs have been drastically reduced. ○ Workshop expansion material costs have been slightly reduced. ○ The size 4 workshop expansion coin cost has been reduced to 15000. ○ The size 5 workshop expansion coin cost has been reduced to 50000. ○ The size 6 workshop expansion coin cost has been reduced to 200000. ○ The Alchemical Society admission test unlock cost has been reduced to 100000 coins. ○ The Alchemical Society expertise test unlock cost has been reduced to 500000 coins. ○ The Alchemical Society mastery test unlock cost has been reduced to 2500000 coins. [*] [b]Tool Changes[/b] ○ Gilded Pick: The Wham! Wham! Wham! enchantment now only reduces the cooldown of Heavy Slam by 50% instead of 100%. Heavy Slam now instead has two charges. ○ Ronin’s Wakazashi: Blade Dash now pierces all resources, even those it does not damage. ○ Tempest: Cyclone Swing now does more damage. ○ Bearded Berserker: The order of the enchantments for Speed and Damage increases has been swapped. ○ Fists of Judgement: Divine Retribution now damages all resources around you when it triggers. [*] Updated the import screen to make it more obvious that you can make repeating imports. [*] All resources, potions and materials now have their base value shown just under their tooltip. [*] Transmuters now sometimes turn yeast into tier 2 and tier 3 ingredients, as well as tier 1. [*] Bottle Makers can now also use classic bottles instead of glass to make more advanced bottles. [*] Summoner Crates can now have multiple chest colors toggled on or off to better control where they summon from. [*] When a tool or origin ability becomes ready, a notification is shown above the player character. [*] The Flavorizer schematic is now easier to unlock and cheaper to purchase. [*] The Well Rested movement speed buff is now active no matter when you go to bed, as long as you do not get knocked out. [*] All work orders and daily tasks have had their objectives and rewards adjusted, making them more worthwhile. [*] Holding shift while dragging or clicking an inventory stack moves half the stack. [*] Holding ctrl while dragging or clicking an inventory stack moves one item. [*] Resources are now discovered the moment you have them in our inventory OR when you select them - not only when you select them. [*] The druid Fox Shape ability can now be canceled. If canceled within 5 seconds, the cooldown is halved. [*] Arcane-O-Coils now have a range of 2 per power rating with a maximum of 10 at ‘Mighty’. [*] Settings now have a ‘Brightness’ slider. [*] Catapult Crates no longer throw resources if the receiving workstation is full, off or broken. [*] Moving a workstation now hides the connection points of its original location. [*] Tool abilities are now displayed in the gear chest. [*] Tully’s minecart now spawns right in front of the quarry portal, making it much more convenient to loot daily. [*] All gems and fossils are now worth more coin when exported. [*] Reduced amount of Noxious Bulbs in the Bubbling Bog. [*] Dreamsnatchers now also grow in the Forgotten Forest and are less populous in the northern Wilderness. [*] Dreamsnatchers have had their range and damage reduced. [*] Klaphats have had their damage reduced. [*] Glowlights are now easier to hit. [*] Brain Fungus now also grows in the northern Wilderness. [*] Bracket Fungus stumps now have the same amount of hit points as regular tree stumps. [*] Signpost notifications are now disabled after interacting with them. [*] Moving or building a workstation that requires or produces arcane power now displays all powered tiles. [*] Updated some colliders.[/list] [h2]Bug fixes[/h2] [list][*] It is now easier to select mixtures in the Shroompedia. [*] Mandrake Bud and Brain Fungus now have values that match their ingredient tiers. [*] Hodgepodge mixtures no longer randomly change potency between saving and loading. [*] Workstations with exclusively linked connection points longer incorrectly show the connected resource twice in the workstation interaction overview. [*] Trevor is now easier to select. [*] Pinecones can now be burned to ash. [*] Fossils now correctly turn into pebbles when crushed. [*] Witch’s Hats are now properly considered mushrooms when it comes to perks and abilities. [*] The Tempest Cyclone swing no longer randomly misses resources right in front of you. [*] The Grower workstation now has a “show schematic” button just like all other workstations. [*] Customers no longer gain cravings for mixtures that they should not be craving. [*] Chests no longer randomly ‘eject’ their contents. [*] The ‘Diversify’ achievement can now be completed with all customers, not just Chunk. [*] The rogue origin ability Shadowstrike should now be much better at targeting resources. [*] Umbra spirits now correctly work on tree stumps. [*] Invisibility, True Sight, Agility, and Resistance mixtures and potions now have their correct fluff text. [*] Bottlers now correctly display potion Power Rating. [*] Fixed an issue that resulted in inventory slots not being interactable. [*] Arcane-O-Coil tooltips are now in line with other workstation tooltips. [*] Hovering over a resource in the turn in screen no longer results in flickering tooltips. [*] Commercial Endeavours part 1 should no longer disappear from your quest log when you load a game. [*] Summoner Crates no longer randomly ignore filter changes. [/list]