Lilium 0.9 BETA 14 Update


Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

[list] [*] Change: Added Player Death Animation [*] Changed: Added Fade out to black on Death [*] Change: Cleaned up unused assets from April and John [*] Change: Optimizing Physics Objects performance. Adjusting Physics Objects placement [*] Change: Improved Arrow Hit Detection [*] Change: Porting MiniMansion from BP to SubLevel [*] Change: Some Interactable Objects are replaced by Static ones [*] Change: Reworking Fish Character and AI [/list] [list] [*] Fix: Player can "fall out" of the world when unmounting a Boat while being too close to something [*] Fix: Can't get 2 Achievements at the same time [*] Fix: Player can stuck in a CryingAngel [*] Fix: There are no hit sounds when damaging dead NPCs [*] Fix: There are no voices when the player takes damage [*] Fix: Can't loot Enemies/Items underwater in LargeCave [*] Fix: Water splashes were missing [*] Fix: Amulets are missing their back faces [*] Fix: Trader prices are 0 sometimes seemingly randomly [*] Fix: Losing Focus on Drop Multiple Items will cause broken UI [*] Fix: Issue when picking up a fish with arrows in it [*] Fix: Sneaking up on Animals is broken [*] Fix: NPCs can be lifted up by the Player [*] Fix: Player can keep sneak attacking dead bodies [*] Fix: Missing Collision behind the spider web in the first dungeon [*] Fix: ToolTip text is wrong for Poisoned Weapons [*] Fix: ToolTip text is wrong for Poisoned Weapons with Permanent Attribute Increases [*] Fix: Translation issue "5 másodpercig másodpercre" [*] Fix: "Megvehető"/"Eladható" translations are mixed up [/list]