Lilium 0.9 BETA 12 Update


Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

[list] [*] Change: ToolTips have been reworked [*] Change: Some dungeon areas were too dark [*] Change: Added "World is Doomed" popup if William is killed [*] Change: Faster UI rendering [*] Change: Temporary Attribute change Durations are now displayed under Status Effect [*] Change: Further improvements on melee hit detection [*] Change: Animals now can detect if the player is sneaking or not [*] Change: Lolly is now a quest item [*] Fix: Wierdly flickering animals [*] Fix: "Hold Space to skip Intro" text on Credits screen [*] Fix: "Hold Space to skip Intro" text is missing from Intro [*] Fix: "Hell" Achievement does not trigger [*] Fix: Psychic is available from the start [*] Fix: Unicorn's orientation is different on the character preview [*] Fix: Text remains Hungarian in Settings [*] Fix: Questmark does not appear on Rosie after picking up the Lolly [*] Fix: Trade window's Close button can lose focus [*] Fix: Added NavMesh for a Crab on a small island [*] Fix: On Death, but before the Death Screen appears, Reload -> Player has 0 Health [*] Fix: Enemies can throw you away! - Disabled weapon collision to Player on attack [*] Fix: Releasing a Grabbed Object while the Player is in it, kills the Player (Barrel) [*] Fix: Can't self poison [*] Fix: Player can get stucked on top of windows in the first village [*] Fix: Poison disappears from Arrows on level load [*] Fix: Collecting Mushrooms/Ingots doesn't update Objectives [*] Fix: Player can't pick up under water items [*] Fix: Player's Punch Sound was wrong [*] Fix: Lolly is hardly visible [*] Fix: ToolTip Widget displays "ERROR" [*] Fix: ToolTip Text color issues (yellow Health) [*] Fix: ToolTip is not updated on equipping an item [*] Fix: Tavern Ambient is still playing when everyone is dead [*] Fix: Open Trade window, try to Buy Something, press Esc or try to click OK -> Bad things [*] Fix: Open Inventory -> Hotbar disappears sometimes [*] Fix: Can't talk to Lady of Cats, her name is not displayed [*] Fix: Gladiator names are not displayed, nothing is lootable inside the Arena [*] Fix: Soma and Zara start forging while the player is talking to them [*] Fix: Mushroomsh on Hotbar given to Frank will remain on Hotbar [*] Fix: Amulets display "restore Fatigue/Health" [*] Fix: Player Camera is not facing NPCs when talking to them [/list]