Lilium 0.9 Update 2 - Combat


Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

[list] [*] Content: Lord William now has a Crown [*] Content: A new Helmet is added to the game [*] Content: A new Shield is added to one of the Gladiators [*] Content: A new type of Troll has been added which can Dodge frontal Attacks [*] Rework: Some UI elements have been updated [*] Rework: The Wishing well has a new model with a proper hole in the ground, Landsape now supports holes [*] Rework: It was too dark inside the wishing well [*] Rework: Quest tracking, quest object tracking and objective markers have been updated to be more helpful [*] Rework: Player Bow handling has been reworked to use anim montages and a new upper body slot has been introduced [*] Rework: Black key has a red glow now [*] Rework: Guard Shields now have a new design [*] Rework: Changed player animations to make weapons less intrusive while walking and running [*] Rework: Improved parry animation for the Player [*] Rework: Crouch and Uncrouch now have a smooth animation to make it feel more realistic [*] Change: Enemies now have hidden Attributes like Strength and Agility the same way as the player which affects their Damage [*] Change: Code refactor of Projectiles [*] Change: Some NPC animations are tweaked to be a little less clunky [*] Change: NPC and Monster animations are tweaked to make them attack and recover faster [*] Change: Trolls are a little faster now to make them more challenging [*] Change: NPCs are walking a little slower now, but can run much faster [*] Change: NPCs with Shields can Parry Arrows now [*] Change: Loot distribution in Chests is changed [*] Change: Most Guards have shields now [*] Change: NPCs are now able to use Shields [*] Change: Bandits and Guards are now able to Block attacks thus making them stronger [*] Change: Endurance now can be increased by doing squats [*] Change: The effects of farts reach distant targets later [*] Change: Lowered starting attributes for every class since the game is way more fun when the player is weak in the beginning [*] Change: Added option to set FOV [*] Change: Player's HitBox has been adjusted to fit the player mesh better [*] Fix: William's quest is broken in some cases if the player does stuff out of order [*] Fix: Poison damage from melee weapons does not apply on enemies [*] Fix: Hungarian localisation issues ("Strength") [*] Fix: Collision gap around the wishing well [*] Fix: Quest markers to return to quest giver appear sometimes even if the player completes objectives for a non-active quest [*] Fix: Ethan is unreasonably impressed by toilets [*] Fix: Using bows increases Strength [*] Fix: Sitting NPCs are rotating around while the player is trying to speak to them [*] Fix: Taverns song was interrupted mid song every time due to animation restarts [*] Fix: Tavern song attenuation radius is too large [*] Fix: The dialog with Lilith gets interrupted by Hellspawns [*] Fix: Objectives don't update on HUD when quest items are picked up [*] Fix: Zoom to Character does not work in the Character Selection Screen [*] Fix: Quest objectives don't go to Completed state if they're already completed upon receiving the quest [*] Fix: The Shield remains in the Player's hand when they're equipping a two-handed weapon while having a full inventory [*] Fix: The Wishing well has a collision issue [*] Fix: Player Punch sound is wrong [*] Fix: Red Mushroom NormalMap is wrong [*] Fix: Can't pick up the fish from the cat bowls [*] Fix: Using Escape in the Main Menu will result in corrupted menus [*] Fix: The Font used when interacting with objects is unreadable [*] Fix: There are no footstep sounds while the player is drawing a bow [*] Fix: Player death animation was not playing when the player died while drawing a bow [*] Fix: Bandit Knight's armor has missing faces [*] Fix: The Jump animation looks bad, if the Player has a Shield equipped [*] Fix: Shield and Weapon Static Meshes are duplicated on Player [*] Fix: Hellspawns and the Daemon are extremely broken [*] Fix: Goblin footstep sounds were missing [*] Fix: Poisoned arrows don't cause poison damage after a reload if they were poisoned while being equipped [*] Fix: Players were not be able to parry arrows properly [*] Fix: Some Wooden surfaces reacted as Metal [*] Fix: NPCs were not able to attack the Player if they were off screen (VisibilityBasedAnimTickOption) [*] Fix: Bandit Archers stood frozen sometimes (Montage issue) [*] Fix: Arrows were invisible for a while when NPCs pulled them out from their quiver [*] Fix: Above Level 50, Farts can be spammed and players are levelling up too fast [*] Fix: Typo in one of the character descriptions [*] Fix: Some tavern wooden beams were not touching the ground [*] Fix: Evil Dungeon Collision issues [/list]