Lilium 0.9 BETA 13 Update


Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

[list] [*] Change: Reworked Trading System [*] Change: Reworked Item prices [*] Change: Updated description for Personality [*] Change: Personality increases while trading [*] Change: Added Tooltip for Trader type [*] Change: Added "Sells for / Buy for" values to Item Tooltips [*] Change: Added Tooltip for NPC Disposition [*] Change: Display TraderClass icon on Trade window [*] Change: Added NPC Disposition System [*] Change: Added Gold Popup to Trade window (Buy/Sell items) [*] Change: Durations above 60 sec are displayed as mins [*] Fix: Bandits can't open Outhouse doors [*] Fix: NPC's are eating player's food [*] Fix: Cats don't care too much about food [*] Fix: Can't loot underwater chests [*] Fix: FileVersion issue has been fixed [*] Fix: Settings Text is still Hungarian in the Menu when the game starts [*] Fix: Poison gland does not display Poison amount [*] Fix: Western Islands still shows up as "Nishi Islands" [*] Fix: "decreased by -VALUE" [/list]