Lilium 0.9 BETA 15 Update


Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

[list] [*] Rework: Improved Lighthouse model and surroundings [*] Rework: Remove text from grave stones [*] Rework: Updated UI elements [*] Rework: Updated World Map [*] Rework: Updated Loading screen images [/list] [list] [*] Changed: Added Cinematic Quality View Distance option for players with high-end PCs [*] Change: Disabled Static Lighting outside of Dungeons [/list] [list] [*] Fix: Arena Announcement Texts are not showing up properly like "Entering the Arena" or "Defeating an Opponent" [*] Fix: The Hotbar is visible after dialogs when the HUD is set to Hidden [*] Fix: Gabe can restart playing on his guitar without having it [*] Fix: Camera clipping while crouching [*] Fix: "Accessed None" issues [*] Fix: Some Texture issues [/list]