Lilium 0.9 Update 1 - Chili Beans


Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

[list] [*] Content: Added Chili Beans to the game [*] Content: Added Red Mushroom to the game [*] Content: Added Special Ability as unlockable ability [*] Content: Added Level milestones to Special Ability [*] Content: Added the Master level of the Special Ability [*] Content: Added a new Achievement for using the Special Ability [/list] [list] [*] Change: Better, simpler, faster Fish AI [*] Change: Added Special Popup for Special Ability level increases [*] Change: Added Particle Effect to Ability Level Ups [*] Change: Added Explosion Sounds [*] Change: Special Ability affects NPCs [*] Change: Added Particle Effects to Special Ability [*] Change: Added Damage Effect to Special Ability [*] Change: Added additional corpses [*] Change: Added Zooming to the Character selection screen [*] Change: Adjusted lighting in Large Cave since it was too dark [*] Change: Bunch of code moved from BPs to CPP [*] Change: Config files are binary now for faster loading [/list] [list] [*] Rework: Improved the feeling of Punching and made it easier to hit small enemies [*] Rework: Updated lighting in the open world to make insides look better [*] Rework: Character Selection Screen [*] Rework: Updated splash screens and icons [/list] [list] [*] Fix: Sometimes Hungarian voices were played instead of the English ones [*] Fix: Can't pick up Fish from the Ocean [*] Fix: Some Crystals had bad collision [*] Fix: Underwater Chest had corrupt custom depth on it [*] Fix: Player's hands are transparent under water [*] Fix: Only one particle system was allowed on NPCs [*] Fix: Torches can be lit under water [*] Fix: Status effects were still visible with 0 sec left [*] Fix: Talk to Ethan -> Exit -> Continue -> Ethan thinks he has arrived, still spawned at the Dungeon door [*] Fix: Players get the Cat Lover achi even if they kill the cats [*] Fix: Dezso can stuck in trees - Updated NavMesh [*] Fix: Bad pop in of small bricks [/list]