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Community Announcements
We have a new patch ready as we continue with our phase of bug fixing & polishing:
  • Melee blocks can no longer be held and must be timed (will be hotfixed to be shorter next patch)
  • CTB base icons display if chest is dropped on ships as well
  • Hand mortar now always explodes on impact and no longer uses an RNG spread to apply damage
  • Tutorial volume default reduced to 60%
  • Can no longer equip tomahawk once empty
  • Fixed some LOD issues with bomb vessel causing you to fall through
  • Fixed issue where supply crates were difficult to grab on bombketch
  • Chest/Base icons now stay on screen in CTB but should snap to edge
  • Fixed text issue with fresh spawned chest
  • Chest 90 second respawn is now counted down in 15 second increments in chat
  • Tweaked some settings to help alleviate the (Clone) killing bug
  • Position on pump is now locked in the event of another ships nose touching you
  • Obvious UI box displayed on tutorial to explain how to skip it and that it is not finished
  • Drowning no longer pulls your camera to pitch black
  • Game SFX audio slider added, not all sounds may be organized yet
  • Fixed new issue where joining a match with the same name as someone else would break your connection