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Community Announcements

Quality of life

  • Galleon prop collisions completely redone
  • Galleon hole position adjusted to be less inconvenient
  • Added collision to hoy port barrel
  • Captain is immune to bleeding from ship ram
  • Shooting a grappled or spawn protected ship will display in crew hit info
  • Waterspouts spawn further out


  • Block stun lasts 50% longer
  • Demasted ships now have 2x more repair segments
  • Nock gun reload is sped up by 40%
  • Number of Hand Mortar and Grenades are doubled
  • Speed of equip, light/throw of Grenade increased by 2x

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collision on Brig's broken nose, so you can now jump onto it


  • "Travel to Ship" at the ship builder will now teleport rather than kill you
  • Reduced strength of waterspouts for less glitchy physics
  • Player swim height slightly lowered so they don't visually float as often
  • Barshot hits will now show splinters
See you on the seas! - Dakota & Tyler