Road to Release: 3.75

Mastfire Studios
Community Announcements
As we continue to move forward on our path out of early access (4.0), we have a new batch of both bug fixes and quality of life changes. - Fixed issue that caused some dead players to not respawn during initial grapple - Repairing mast segments now loop holding down LMB - Pressing/holding LMB before reaching a hole repair radius will now let you repair - Holding down LMB will now let you loop repairing multiple holes if they are within radius - Ship range toggle is now on by default and rebindable. FOR EXISTING PLAYERS you may need to rebind this key manually. - Players no longer collide with buckets - Ropes of your own ship now glow when not on board - Fixed UI issue not properly guiding you to your teams ship - Schooner nose should be smoother to walk across - Crews are now included in construction spawn protection - Captain loss and w:l removed from stat card to reduce toxic interactions, especially towards crews containing new players - Fixed pump/bucket placement on Xebec to not accidentally use the wrong item - Third person reload animations synced to be more reliable, fixed issue where they would loop continuously until a weapon change occurred - Ticket loss for non-grappled ships sinking is back after being unintentionally disabled due to the last patch - Ticket scaling by server has been adjusted to be less severe, and is also a server option 'useTicketScaling' In the next patch (3.77) we hope to introduce the early iteration of our single player tutorial so the community can begin to get a feel and provide feedback as it is completed in the coming months. Tyler & Dakota