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3.77 is a small patch, introducing the first iteration of our single player tutorial introduction. Seeing ships with new players struggle to function was an issue we've always wanted to address. Players were often too overwhelmed by combat to get a chance to understand the basic aspects of maintaining their ship. We want to do our best to show new players the ropes before they join their first match. Keep in mind the tutorial is still a work in progress, but some education is better than none. - Tutorial added - Tutorial quality scaling when low fps is detected - Bleeding black/white/blood should start stronger and more noticeable, so you heal sooner - If you have not made it to the end of the tutorial a popup will ask you if you'd like to play it when clicking "servers" for the first time - Tutorial can be accessed again through the main menu - Fixed issue that could have been causing the recent invincible player bug - Bleed rate slowed by 2x - FF toggling itself is now it's own server option 'friendlyFireCanToggle', so the server can start with it off and it still be toggled on when a mod/admin decides to Tyler & Dakota In other news Lunaoreitic and Webbies have created a guide for running Blackwake on Linux: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1572108095