3.6 Halloween Update

Mastfire Studios
Community Announcements
Ahoy everyone! You'll find that the game right now is a lot more sp00ky due to the annual halloween update :) this patch also has another round of fixes/improvements. Remember, we put off most minor bugs as we approached the later stage of development. We are getting closer to the BETA stage, where we will focus on polishing and improving the landlubber experience! Please remember the 3.0-4.0 update series is focusing on long standing bugs rather than content. Sales will continue as usual during this period.


  • Added annual Halloween theme to game

Quality of life

  • Holding R will now respawn you anywhere (tickets excl. on land/dock)
  • Players now get kicked being afk in team select (excl. mods/admins)
  • CTB alerts now only appear when booty changes faction
  • Music slider should affect win music


  • CTB captures changed to 2 from 3

Bug Fixes

  • Swivels should properly kill people in boarding range
  • Rapier stat has been tricky, but should work now
  • Fixed team select exploit of bypassing team balance
  • Ram kills now show a ship wheel icon
  • Ram kills should track more accurately
  • Attempted fix of booty breaking on round end
  • Should no longer say booty up for grabs on TDM
  • Placing cball into furnace should now consume ammo
  • Suicide no longer abusable for medals
  • Fixed second cause of bleeding UI persisting into win screen
  • Select on controller should now show correct info
  • Giving tea/rum with controller should work with LT
  • Booty/UI beverage should now work on controllers
  • Leaderboard now steamID based
  • K/D/A now preserved switching crews


  • Players on the nose shouldn't die when untouched during a ram
  • Tickets can now be changed, up to a max of the default value (160)
  • Animations adjusted for the axe and sword swings (only a visual change, hit values are unchanged)
  • Autobalance is now attached to the forceEqualFactions config option
Our next few updates will also focus on long-standing bugs.

Community spotlight

Barochocolate shows his Spielberg work in a new hilarious new video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDH3fTeznyk See you on the seas! - Dakota & Tyler