3.87 - Crew Bots

Mastfire Studios
Community Announcements
3.87 - Bots Bots fighting eachother In an effort to resolve the frustration and boredom brought on by attempting to crew a nearly empty ship (often causing servers to die), we have added bots. This will help ensure there is an adequate amount of action taking place in Blackwake at any time.

Here is what bots currently do:

- Load cannons - Fire cannons - Use the pump - Repair holes when the ship reaches a certain level of damage - Die/respawn They are meant to supplement playercounts while a server grows, not replace players.

Bots currently do not:

- Captain - Participate in boarding - Consume ship resources - Contribute to kill statistics - Repair nose/mast This is only the first live iteration of bots and we plan to improve their function with time.