State of bots & Siege

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Quick clearing up:

- Bots are not intended to replace players, but help maintain the ship while a server seeds - The initial bot patch was just a starting point, not final at all - We were aware they were OP and got in the way, leaving little for anyone to do - Bots will be able to be fully disabled once they are balanced. Currently they can be disabled with useBots=0 and having a password set.

June 30th

- Hotfix to bot LOD/animation syncing

July 2

- Bots now have random skill that affects responsiveness and cannon ability - Bots no longer move at incorrect speeds on large ships - Bots can now die to swivels

July 5

- Bots now count towards ticket loss - Bot cannon shots do less damage to players - Bots now have a 25% chance to miss (should not affect ranges < 300m as with normal unaimed shots) - You can now shove bots off cannons using E, they will not touch the cannon again for 30 seconds. Shove has a cooldown of 15 seconds. - Bots now take different amounts of time to load cannons based on their randomized skill level - Overall bots have been drastically nerfed in speed towards every task - Tweaks made to LOD to try and solve some animation T pose issues After bots are balanced in their "autopilot" mode we will begin making them follow actual orders. Following this, we will be bringing the new siege fort into the game that will not suffer from the same verticality combat issues as the current one.