Status update Highrisers

July 20, 2021 Assemble_Xer0 Community Announcements
Hi everybody! First, we wanted to thank all of you for your ongoing support and feedback. This means a lot to us! Furthermore, we wanted to give you a small glimpse, what the current game’s status update is and what we are planning, to further improve the game, based on your overwhelming feedback.

Already tackled/Please give it a try yourself:

  • Tutorial: As we discovered that it has not started properly for some players, while others reported that at one point, they are getting stuck, we have addressed this problem already, and it should not be possible to get stuck anymore in the tutorial and canceling the Tutorial should no longer have any impact on the further progress.
  • The Dreamer Waves storming the building during launch preparations have been nerfed slightly.
  • We also have already increased the effectiveness and damage to the spear, when used as barricade defense.

Progress/What we are working on right now:

  • The top priority now: Fixing the last remaining save game issues, as this is crucial for an overall better gaming experience.
  • We encountered a bug with the in-game clock, which results in a daytime progression freeze.
    • If you save in such a situation, the Save Game will get corrupted, resulting in a crash upon loading.
  • Some firearms still have the wrong production costs - we will adjust some balancing values.
  • We will also increase the drop chance of aluminum.

Important notice:

We are happy to read about your ideas and suggestions for additional features and content, and what you would like to see in the game in the future! Now, though, Bug fixes, save game (system) stability and potential quality of life improvements are our first prioritiy. It is very important to us to have the above issues fixed FIRST, in order to provide a stable and enjoyable experience for everyone, before adding additional features and content. Rest assured there is more to come, and we will keep this thread updated as soon as there has been progress: Don't hesitate to share your suggestions, but be aware that they have to wait until the most pressing issues are dealt with. Please keep it up! Greetings Your teams of Solar Powered Games and Assemble Entertainment