Hotfix 1.0.4.a

July 30, 2021 Solar Powered Games Community Announcements
This fix patches the problems of not being able to disassemble objects after completing the tutorial or after loading a savegame. In addition:
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash upon aborting the opening/closing of a barricade
  • Fixed a bug where ongoing crafting interactions upon saving would be aborted. They are now paused and will continue upon loading.
  • Some missing crafting recipes were added.
  • Fixed an error with spear combat animation speed.
  • Prevent the assist-bubble on players currently grabbed by dreamers.
Known issues:
  • When paused interactions continue after loading, the animations of the working player or the progress bubble are not always updated. Players seem to be standing idle. You can see at their progress bar in their inventory however that there actually is progress.
  • When during the ongoing construction of a barricade a game is saved/loaded, moving the player away from the barricade will consume the resources and lock the construction site in an unaccessible state.
We'll look into those issues next. Thanks for all the clues and help from the community!