Highrisers - Patch 1.0.5 has been released!

September 11, 2021 Assemble_Skoddy Community Announcements
Dear survivors, we've released a new patch for Highrisers. With version 1.0.5 we bring you many eagerly expected quality of life updates! You've successfully looted one of the lower floors, and now you're trying to bring the valuable resources to safety, but you don't know where to put all that stuff? Don't worry, you can now craft your own shelves! These are simple and cheap storage, that let you sort and arrange your valuables for maximum crafting efficiency. If you still can’t find your crafting ingredients in the piles of your belongings, then this might be a highlight that you love: And highlighting even helps you combine stacks, so everything is stored neatly: Several UI elements, like the crafting displays, help you keep track of what ingredients you need for your current crafting recipes. Others, like the mouse over tooltips, give you useful information about the objects in the game. But sometimes, when a lot is going on the screen, they can get in the way. In that case, you can let them disappear by pressing the "U"-key, for unobstructed view and access. And when you just want to collect everything that’s on the surrounding floor, without fiddly mouse cursor acrobatics to target a small pile of screws, just mash Space a few times: When your inventory is full, but you have an assistant, surplus items will now go in his backpack automatically. Double the scavenging fun! If you find it difficult to find what you need because it is stuck behind another piece of furniture (or behind a wall or a column), pressing ALT will ease your life! The floor slot grid becomes visible and objects are now selected based on the grid slots. You cannot select an object in shelves or on tables that way (floor grid only), but everything on the floor is now within your grasp. If you hear the shambling steps of the dreamers approaching, and the time for battle has come, but you’re having a hard time targeting those pesky sleepwalking devils, pressing CTRL is what will make your life much easier: With it, only dreamers are considered a valid target by the mouse cursor, and the target zone is much more generous (you don’t have to precisely target the body of the enemy in this mode) If you feel like all this stuff is overwhelming you, and you dread the clock in the upper left, relentlessly ticking on, already foreshadowing the next wave of incoming dreamers, and you wish you could simply take a little break and carefully plan your next steps… …then just press P. You cannot give any commands while the game is paused, but you can inspect all your belongings, you still get mouseover tooltips, and you can even check out the lower floors for interesting loot and thus plan your next steps. We’ve also fixed a lot of bugs in the meantime, but we hear that some of you are still plagued by crashes. We’re really sorry about that and fixing crashes is always our top priority – but often, we are dependent on your help. Furthermore, we need crash logs, save games and background information in order to stand a chance to find and fix the problem. To make that easier, we have improved the crash reporting. Should the game crash, you now have the option to send us the report automatically. A form on our website will open up in your browser where you can enter a description and the circumstances of the bug. The crash log and a save game will automatically be sent to us alongside. No personal data is collected in this process; only game data. We’re working hard to make this feature obsolete, but for now it will make both your and our lives a lot easier. Have fun with those new features!