Highrisers - Patch 1.0.4.c hass been released!

August 18, 2021 Assemble_Xer0 Community Announcements
Dear survivors, we've uploaded a new patch version for Highrisers, with the following fixes & improvements:


  • Fixed an error where some ranged weapons (like the Blunderbuss, Shotgun) were unable to hit dreamers when used in barricade defense.
  • Fixed an error that would leave a barricade construction site inaccessible when sending the constructing character somewhere else while on his way to establish the construction site.
  • Fixed a crash connected to the above bug upon save/load.
  • Fixed some issues connected to interactions not being properly continued upon save/load.
  • Fixed some missing loca idents.
  • Fixed some bugs connected to music that would not stop playing upon level change, at the end of the tutorial, or upon a game over.
  • Added missing helicopter rotor sounds upon landing.