First Highrisers Hotfix (version 1.0.1) available!


An Urban Survival RPG! Crafting, Exploring and Defending in a desolate metropolis haunted by the mysterious dreamers. Lead a team of 4 survivors through this urban desert of skyscrapers and high-rises, where the streets are crowded with the mutated victims of a strange disease.

Survivors! Thanks to your support and valuable feedback, we were able to tackle the recent bugs and are able to provide you with the first hotfix! More details below: [h1]Fixes[/h1] [list][*]We have fixed the crash occuring, when trying to access the LabTable. [*]Fixed missing menu buttons on 4K resolutions. [list][*]For those who used the workaround with the tuned down Windows resolution: You should now be able to play the game in your preferred screen resolution.[/list] [*]Fix to properly unlock the Helicopter after Tutorial. [*]We have fixed and adjusted the minimap alignment on 2560x resolutions. [*]Fixed starting of music upon loading game. [*]Improved tutorial scroll bounds.[/list]