Pre-Launch Beta Candidate 0.8 Patch Notes

May 13, 2022 Candlebirdgames Community Announcements
Hello everyone! I'll be posting updates here to show off the progress I'm making as we reach the intended release date for Expansion Core. NEW BUILD! Beta Candidate 0.8 Patch Notes: This build focuses mainly on updating the Enemy AI to be a bit more aggressive, while also providing some fun challenges to the player. I'd like to also thank my friends and family for helping me playtest the last build. A lot of these bugs and suggestions were made by them and I appreciate that they took the time to help out! Major Features: - Event Update: This one's a big one! I made all events wave-based instead of time based, so much less waiting around. I also balanced a lot of the wave limits and difficulties, so events may be much deadlier than before. Waves also get harder the further you get. No mini-bosses yet, though those are planned! Finally, you can no longer cheese events by running away and waiting out the timer. You actually gotta kill all the mobs! - Enemy Spawn Overhaul: This one's also pretty massive, but much more in the background. Enemy spawns have been tweaked to be less random and more logical. Now, enemies are more difficult and abundant near bundles of resources. Enemies spawned at night are now more dangerous. Finally, there is a new "Encounter" system. Basically, packs of enemies will now spawn and be in more difficult to deal with combinations (IE a group with three chargers and one agile ranged enemy). These encounters will also have one enemy that has a much higher chance of dropping an Upgrade. I plan to do more with this system in the future, but it just opens the door for me to curate more interesting content! New Features: - Shock beetles' AOE attack is now much more visible and hits at the correct time - Enemies now properly aggro and try to move towards the player's last known location when attacked in groups - Storms now have a new "Flee" state, so they should be less aggressive. Storms now also only track the player during the day. - For clarity, the research window now says "Costs ___ Creds" instead of just "___ Creds" - Made the Map drone spawn above and behind the player for ease of use instead of having to fly up and back every time you opened it. I also made it so that you can close it using the Escape key. Bug Fixes: - Fixed an issue causing allies to ignore move commands when in the middle of an attack animation - Fixed a major issue causing allies to look janky when rotating. They should now rotate smoothly and face the correct direction - Pick up text should nolongerlooklikethis - Fixed an issue that allowed dead enemies to still rotate and move oddly - Fixed a UI issue that cause the map drone to retain the HUD from the FPS mode - When a trade pod is spawned, the beacon now says "Trade Pod Active" instead of "Spawning" - Overcharged Mother Beetles now have to correct purple glow - Tree leaves no longer freak out when the tree is falling - Enemies no longer aggro each other on accident (This will be re-added in once I have the "teams" update out)