Kaetram v2.0.2


A cross-platform 2D pixel-based MMORPG set in medieval times with many turns and twists to spice up your adventure. Join other players in your adventure of defeating bosses, completing quests, discovering achievements, and so much more.

- Added Discord presence. - Added store selling option w/ custom amounts. - Added enchantments info to the item info. - Added friend login/logout messages and a setting option to toggle them off. - Added projectiles and melee effects (critical, explosion, stun, etc.) - Added exit portals to the tutorial. - Added key shortcuts for Q, Y, and G (quests, divinity, and guilds). - Added variable hitbox sizes depending on mob size, making it easier to click on bosses. - Camera zoom is now saved upon log out (only if using log out button). - Clicking anywhere outside an interface now closes the interface. - Reworked entity mouse hovering. - Fixes caching-related issues causing doors to not appear as opened. - Fixed WASD object interaction (fountains, bank desk, etc.) - Fixed taking damage from stopping following. - Fixed cape drawing behind sword when facing upwards. - Fixed more pathing-related issues, should be more consistent now. - Fixed issues pertaining to status effects not animating correctly. - Fixed double clicking on an inventory item displaying info of the previous item. - Fixed stun effect allowing the player to move and causing disconnects. - Fixed quest prompt name not displaying correctly. - Fixes swash buckler item description being incorrect. - Fixed skill info hiding whenever gaining experience. - Fixed total experience not properly registering. - Fixed main player not being highlighted on the leaderboards. - Fixed leaderboards interface being able to be clicked through and spam-clicking related issues. - Fixed 'H' for healing not healing when the inventory item info was visible. - Fixed invite/kick in the party menu not focusing. - Fixes tutorial-related locking (shrimp burning). - Fixes seconds/minutes text issues with warping. - Fixes drag and drop issues in the inventory of bank, enchanter, store, etc. - Fixed being able to click through the achievements interface. - Fixes guild scrolling on mobile. - Fixes slow-loading devices getting disconnected during login. - Fixes more sprite issues. - Fixes multiple-requirement equipments to only display skills still required. - Fixed not being able to pick up dropped items in a door way. - Fixed guild chat special characters displaying weirdly. - Fixed not being able to attack a mob while standing on the same tile. - Fixed quest interface placeholder elements displaying improperly. - Fixed mobs/player status effects not displaying when logging in. - Fixed Mulberry not healing. - Minor improvements to performance and backend logic.