Kaetram v2.0.1


A cross-platform 2D pixel-based MMORPG set in medieval times with many turns and twists to spice up your adventure. Join other players in your adventure of defeating bosses, completing quests, discovering achievements, and so much more.

- Added virtual joystick to mobile devices. - Added mushroom gathering in caves. - Added zooming via mouse scrolling. - Added floor effect entities. - Decreased minimum screen width/height. - Improvements to banking/stores/lootbags/etc. loading times. - Fixed zig-zagging pathing when walking. - Fixed ranks not changing username colour. - Fixed bank scrolling endlessly/getting stuck. - Fixed being unable to click on other players. - Fixed trading input dialog broken sprites. - Fixed Divinity icons getting stuck as active. - Fixed disappearing inventory slots. - Fixed chatbox hiding prematurely - Fixed "You cannot attack someone in your party." messages. - Fixed player death animation sprites being broken. - Fixed players being able to progress through tutorial prematurely. - Fixed quest items being able to be traded/dropped.