Roguenarok v0.1 Super Major Update


Destroy the enemy base before they can destroy your own. In this single-player MOBA action roguelite bullet-heaven, you play as a viking dinosaur wielding up 4 abilities and weapons at a time. Unlock new warriors and fight along with your soldiers and bring an end on the Alien’s reign.

[previewyoutube=eDhKZtMPeHc;full][/previewyoutube] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44269012/7c0460d59795560688fbec1287daca242e94078b.png[/img] Hiii everyone, it's been a while since I've pushed an update. It's been very busy with the development lately and I am so excited to announce right now that finally after lots of hardwork and help from all of you, the new version of Roguenarok is finally here! ːsteamhappyː Thank you all so much for the help and support, especially to @DeanLofiPlays, @ChaoticFear19, @Ludokultur and @igeolwen. You all are the best and Roguenarok wouldn't be here without all of you. Changelog: [list][*] [NEW] The Stats Break / Shop is now a subset with 3 items available to purchase per roll.[/list] [list][*] [NEW] New UI/HUD Design for the health and experience bar.[/list] [list][*] [NEW] Added +46 Items with some having side effects to make builds be seriously taken.[/list] [list][*] [CHANGED] The Battle Duration for all battles have been significantly reduced. [/list] [list][*] [CHANGED] The Stats Break / Shop Duration for all battles have been significantly reduced. [/list] [list][*] [NEW] Added +16 Weapons with each being upgradble. [/list] [list][*] [BUFFED] All enemies from Battles I and Battle I have been buffed for the following: Movement speed, damage, and health.[/list] [list][*] [NEW] Added a Tutorial panel on the Main Menu. [/list] [list][*] [NEW] Added a recommendation panel for selecting weapons. [/list] That's all for the v0.1 Major Update! Thank you all so much for reading and for all of your support! Cheers, Sheb