Roguenarok Update 0.1.1v Demo


Battle extinction as a Viking Dinosaur harnessing 4 Abilities and wielding up to 2 Weapons at a time. Synergize your abilities with a variety of items and weapons to counter different aliens and their traits. Become the Bullet Hell and reach the sailing ship that will take you to safety.

Hii, it's me again, Sheb! I hope you all are doing good right now! I am so excited to bring in the new update for Roguenarok (Yey!! ːsteamhappyː) Before I start, I want to give a very big Thank you to @DeanLofiPlays, @SquidGN and @LastHeroesGame for showcasing Roguenarok to their awesome streaming channels. Thank you all so much for the support and cheers!! [b]Changelog:[/b] [list] [*] [New] Added +10 more items. [*] [Polished] Battle I and Battle II environment. [*] [Buffed] Increased all weapon's base damage from Tier I to Tier III [*] [Fixed] Battle I boss sometimes don't move after being stunned. [*] [New] Recommended weapons in the selection menu will automatically change according to your selected warrior [*] [New] Pick-up items [list] [*] Medkit - Restores 10 to 50 of your health [*] Flame - Fires multiple fire projectiles that damages all surrounding enemies. [/list] [*] [Buffed] Increased Freya's Max HP and Armor [*] [Buffed] Increased Surtr's Max HP and Armor [*] [Buffed] Increased Urvogel's Max HP and Armor [*] [Buffed] Increased Svalinn's Armor [*] [Nerfed] Reduced Megalowbone's additional physical damage of [E] - Giant Teeth [/list] That's all for the 0.1.1v Update! Thank you all so much for the support and everything!! I hope you all have a fantastic day or night. Peace out! Cheers, Sheb