Roguenarok 0.1.4v Major Update | Demo


Destroy the enemy base before they can destroy your own. In this single-player MOBA action roguelite bullet-heaven, you play as a viking dinosaur wielding up 4 abilities and weapons at a time. Unlock new warriors and fight along with your soldiers and bring an end on the Alien’s reign.

Hiii everyoone!! It's me again, Sheb!! I hope you all are doing good and okay. I'm so Happy to make an announcement about the new Major update!! It is packed with lots of new content and fixes that I hope will bring in better experiences for all of you. ːsteamhappyː Before I dive in to the changelog, [b]I would like to give a Very Big Thank You to @fogbyhedgehog, @Rin_Kurano and @vmeezo (Matt from The Awesome Duo) for playing and covering Roguenarok to their awesome channels!! Thank You So So Muuuch!!![/b][b] Additionally, I would like to give a Special Thanks to @BrokensPlayz for their awesome feedback!! ːsteamhappyː[/b] [b]Also, I would like to Thank all of you for playing and supporting Roguenarok!! Your support means the world for me and Roguenarok wouldn't be here today without you all. ːsteamhappyː[/b] Now, let's dive in to the changelog ːsteamhappyː: [h2]Changelog:[/h2] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44269012/a37787e247cd22ddff7364c5a0eebce64f768da9.jpg[/img] [list] [*] [b][New and Polished][/b] Most of the weapons now have a passive (Range and Melee). [*] [b][New][/b] +6 New Weapons with each having a variety of passives. [list] [*] [b]Iron Claw[/b] - [Upgradable] Passive: Attacks can cleave to the target location but reduces Physical Damage by 40 upon impact. [*] [b]Iron Bolo[/b] - [Upgradable] Passive: Attacking has a 5% chance of healing you by the same amount of your HP Regen. [*] [b]Iron Shield[/b] - [Upgradable] Passive: Attacking has a 2% chance of increasing your Armor and HP Regen by 1. [*] [b]Lantaka[/b] - [Non-Upgradable] Passive: Has a large projectile that can pierce through enemies. [*] [b]Bamboo[/b] - [Non-Upgradable] Passive: When your health drops to 30%, each of your attack has a 10% chance of healing you by 5. [*] [b]Iron Halberd[/b] - [Upgradable] Passive: Attacking has a 40% chance of cleaving around you but reduces Physical Damage upon ipact by 40. [/list] [*] [b][New][/b] +10 New Items with most having a variety of passives. [list] [*] [b]Mantle[/b] - Passive: For every 10 seconds, a barrier will summon to protect you from projectiles for 3 seconds. [*] [b]Raging Blade[/b] - Passive: For every 10 enemy takedowns, your next attack will cleave. The cleave will deal Physical Damage only. [*] [b]Hope Trinket[/b] - Passive: Every level up will grant you bonus Physical Damage by 15. [*] [b]Despair Trinket[/b] - Passive: Every level up will grant you bonus Arcane Damage by 15. [*] [b]Courage Trinket[/b] - Passive: Every level up will grant you bonus Armor and Max HP by 3. [*] [b]Soul Taker's Lamp[/b] - Passive: Every 50 enemy takedowns, you will be granted 1 Armor. [*] [b]Backpack[/b] - + 40 Max HP [*] [b]Frozen Heart[/b] - + 3 Armor, + 15 Max HP [*] [b]Carrot[/b] - + 20 Max HP, + 10% Life Steal [*] [b]Merchant's Coin[/b] - Passive: For every 10 enemy takedowns, you will gain an additional 2x Gold. [/list] [*] [b][New][/b] Every time you exit the Shop or Leveling up, you will be granted a Grace Period Barrier for 3 seconds that will protect you from any explosions, projectiles, and all kinds of attack. [*] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44269012/905629e30844fe34732611e0aa7fa465ce0ba71b.jpg[/img] [*] [b][Updated][/b] There is now a clear indication whether your ability is ready to be casted. It is now indicated by a green border line. (Special Thanks to @BrokensPlayz) [*] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44269012/a2072d0c3a4984edbfda33b26afbc9e0946504e1.jpg[/img] [*] +1 New Pickable Item (The Barrier) - It will grant you a temporary protection for 3 seconds against projectiles and all sorts of attack. [/list] That's all for the Major Update 0.1.4v!! Thaank you all so much for reading and for all of the support you've given me!! I Wish You All The Best and I hope to see you all in the Steam Next Fest next week!ːsteamhappyː Cheers, Sheb