Roguenarok Has Now Started!


Destroy the enemy base before they can destroy your own. In this single-player MOBA action roguelite bullet-heaven, you play as a viking dinosaur wielding up 4 abilities and weapons at a time. Unlock new warriors and fight along with your soldiers and bring an end on the Alien’s reign.

[previewyoutube=F3WDt4vZ3Ow;full][/previewyoutube] Hii everyone, I am really nervous but at the same time so excited to announce that we've finally arrived at our last destination!! [b]Roguenarok is now finally available on Steam![/b] ːsteamhappyː From the bottom of my heart, [b]Thank you all so much for making this possible. Without you all, Roguenarok wouldn't be here. [/b] I've been developing Roguenarok for more than 185 days and now I can't believe that it's ready to spread its wings and take on the skies. It really feels like leaving a home. I will miss the early days of development, the planning and the long nights. Roguenarok is my first ever Steam game and it is my first time to have a community. You all are so precious for me and I am so grateful to all of you. I really appreciate you. [b]I want to give a very special thanks to these amazing folks for their valuable and awesome contributions to Roguenarok:[/b] [list] [*] @Roguelighter [*] @OverageGmngCom [*] @ChaoticFear19 [*] @DeanLofiPlays [*] @RedDuelist [*] @JustDaZack [*] @CSH_Picone [*] @PenguinSal [*] @Ludokultur [*] @BrokensPlayz [*] @AlexLeoneGames [*] @igeolwen [*] @vmeezo [*] @AswhalerGamer [*] @MeerPlaysIndie [*] @SquidGN [*] @Rin_Kurano [*] @EveyGreenbottle [*] @SadalDay [*] @TreeofEmber [*] @PlayerState [*] @zueljin [*] @avagaming90 [*] @AlperDalan [*] @Nosteru [/list] There will be more updates coming soon for Roguenarok; additional content and language support. I really love reading all of your comments, feedbacks and suggestions, and I would really appreciate it if you want to give any. ːsteamhappyː [b]Thank you all so much for your love and support! [/b] Cheers, Sheb