Roguenarok Begins! - Officially Out Now with 10% Discount!


Destroy the enemy base before they can destroy your own. In this single-player MOBA action roguelite bullet-heaven, you play as a viking dinosaur wielding up 4 abilities and weapons at a time. Unlock new warriors and fight along with your soldiers and bring an end on the Alien’s reign.

[previewyoutube=F3WDt4vZ3Ow;full][/previewyoutube] Hiii everyone!! It's me again, Sheb! ːsteamhappyː Upon working together actively with Steam, the issue regarding with the "Buy Button" has now been resolved. [b]Roguenarok has finally begun! It is officially out now with a 10% Discount![/b] ːsteamhappyː [b]Thank You All So Much for your love and support! I really appreciate all of you[/b]. I hope you have a fun experience with Roguenarok and I would be very happy to know your experience. I want to give a special thanks to @Nosteru for the encouraging and kind words. Cheers, Sheb