Patch 3.7

Mastfire Studios
Community Announcements
As we move forward with bug fixes and quality of life changes on our path out of Early Access, 3.7 focuses largely on infrequent issues surrounding grapples. Remember there will be little to no content additions until after 4.0 (release). With the imminent addition of a single player tutorial we look forward to new routes of promotion later in 2019 such as free weekends. For now serious promotion has been put on hold while we bug crunch. - Icey zones should no longer damage ships mid grapple - After voting takes place tickets are scaled based on server population and the value set in the configuration - Tomahawk false positive on anti-cheat has been tested to be fixed, meaning previous efforts to make the tomahawk more reliable should be noticed - Fixed a bug where a specific grapple order would allow a 3rd ship to attach, possibly causing various issues for the rest of the match - Ramming a ship should no longer kill your own crew or damage your own cannons - ALT toggle has been moved to tilde (`) to avoid confusion during alt tab for new players - Volcano eruption should now properly result in a red sky with ash rain - Fixed ui-only issue of showing a ticket increase when a ship lost a grapple. - Fixed issue where on first join holes both existing and new were not visible for 60 seconds - Fixed issue where releasing a single grapple when grappled multiple times may spawn your crew - Fixed an exploit that allowed instant grapple releasing - Fixed two bugs that could cause the winning ship to accidentally go down as a loss after grappling. Tyler & Dakota