Last Sale before Price Increase


Hellcard is a unique cooperative deck builder rogue-like game. Descend into the paper dungeons on your own, recruit computer-controlled companions or join other players' lobbies in fast-paced tactical card battles against the armies of darkness and the Archdemon himself!

Hey everyone! We finally got around to increasing the game's base price from $19.99 to $24.99. As those who followed early access might recall, the initial idea was to do that before the 1.0 launch. The game grew during early access and outgrew its initial price. However, we couldn't find the right timing for it as there were just so many sales to participate in and we were busy with the launch and, well, making the game :archduck: We don't want to blindside those of you who keep the game wishlisted so we are doing this last sale and the price increase will happen next week right after the sale ends. In other news, we continue to work on additional cards for Warrior, Mage, and Tinkerer classes. Warrior cards are already implemented and tested internally, they need only art and visual effects. We haven't yet decided whether we will add these on a class-by-class basis (like we did with Rogue) or bunch them up in a larger update for all classes. The latter approach would have the benefit of testing and balancing all new cards together, resulting in a smoother launch balance. The wait would be a bit longer, though :archduck: As Always, Stay Safe in Paper Dungeon :archduck: Konstanty