Graphics Settings, Bug Fixes & More

February 7, 2021 IronZog Community Announcements
Today's update adds a few features and fixes several bugs. First, there is a new "Graphics Quality" dropdown on the Settings page, with the following options:
  • Best: Highest quality graphics. All options turned on, high target frame rate.
  • Fastest: All options turned off, high target framerate.
  • Auto: Starts with high quality and gradually turns off options to achieve high framerate.
  • Manual: Choose your own target framerate and which graphics features to enable.
The Manual setting gives you complete control of the game's graphics. You can set the maximum framerate as high or low as you'd like, turn off motion blur and depth of field blur (some players find these options make them feel queasy), turn on VSync to prevent screen tearing, and so on. The update also includes these improvements and bug fixes:
  • Zooming with the scroll wheel and arrow keys now zooms in and out relative to the position of the mouse pointer, rather than the center of the screen. This can be handy for quickly zooming in to a particular area.
  • Entries on the My Puzzles page now have an X in the corner, so you can remove puzzles that you no longer want showing up in your lists.
  • Sort by Color now works correctly in multiplayer. All players should now see the same results of the sort.
  • Fixed some physics issues with ~2000 piece puzzles. Pieces no longer slide and turn on their own when dropped.
  • The game now correctly keeps track of the total amount of time that it took to complete a puzzle.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause some characters to appear as boxes (☐) in player names and chat.
  • You can now zoom in closer to the table when playing a puzzle with very small pieces.
  • Lowered the volume of the sound that plays when a puzzle is completed.