EA 0.2.11 Roxxor enhancements and Upgraded Cards Balancing

Death or Glory

Death or Glory: the ultimate duelling card game! Explore exciting realms that are the proving grounds for heavenly warriors, mighty beasts, powerful mechs, and more. Build your champion deck in a roguelike adventure mode and score ranks in intense battles against fellow champions!

[b]EA 0.2.11[/b] [b]Patch Highlights [/b] [list] [*] Character Balancing - Roxxor playstyle enrichment and problematic upgraded cards balancing [/list] [b]Character Balancing[/b] [b]Roxxor the Giant [/b] [i]Designed to be straightforward and simple to pilot, the idea behind Roxxor is to become the stat powerhouse of the game. With many cards in his deck having premium base stats, a simplistic resource system and an overwhelming punch, Roxxor is meant to be opposite of complex deck building like the A.T.A.C.R where a lot of cards are powerful but only when used inconjunction one with one another to create a synergy that makes 1 + 1 become larger than 2. We want Roxxor to be the counter for the setup decks, with a strong punch, he is less reliant on different mechanics, but is empowered by the mastery of the fundamentals behind attack and defense. However, this tends to lead to repetitive and predictable battles where after a few games and learning his cards, the opponent can quite easily guess the incoming moves and prepare for them. We feel like although Roxxor isn’t necessarily underpowered, the ceiling and potential of Roxxor is limited by his lack of variety and as a card game, will quickly become boring. We are adding in various abilities into his kit that whilst still focuses on the attack/defense trope, adds various new interactions that can make him more interesting to fight against. We are aware that these changes may at first seem to make Roxxor, stat wise a bit more powerful against most other characters, but we are optimistic to see how the format will change and adapt to a new powerhouse in the meta. A close eye will be kept on him to see how everything will settle in the coming weeks. [/i] [b]Mountain Split [/b] Added card text : If your Momentum is 5 or greater, attack with Multi-Hit(2). Damage Stat : 12 > 11 [b]Mountain Split X[/b] Text Change : Apply Trauma to your opponent. If the effect is already active, attack with Multi-Hit(2). Damage Stat : 12 > 11 [b]Danger Brave [/b] Text Change : If an Attack card is in play, increase the block value of this card by 1 < 2. [b]Home Defend [/b] Removed card text : You are granted Persistence(4) Added card text : If Persistence is active, your block value is increased by 3. [b]Home Defend X [/b] Removed card text : You are granted Persistence(4) Added card text : If Persistence is active, your block value is increased by 3. [b]Strength Test [/b] Text Change : Apply Trauma to your opponent. Damage stat : 8 > 7 [b]Strength Test X [/b] Text change : Apply Trauma to your opponent and you are granted Strength to Strength. [b]Upgrade card balancing[/b] [i]Upgrade cards was first introduced when we launched Adventure Mode, our PVE mode which focused on deck building and working with looted cards to challenge bosses in three maps that get more powerful the deeper you travel. At first, these cards were designed to be tools to match against powerful and at most instances, unfair boss characters that had crazy damage and single cards that wrecks your gameplan if you don’t prepare for them. This was why we introduced various mechanics that triggered on discard, which was a guaranteed benefit for a rare upgraded card slot that wouldnt be rendered useless when up against unfair bosses. This however changes when, PVP is into the equation. We are very happy with how the game has evolved with the introduction of upgraded cards that created many different strategies and deck builds that werent possible with the size of the old card pool. Thus with the new vision in mind we will now be reevaluating the power levels of all cards starting with cards without counters that apply massive debuffs with effectively no counter, namely Winter’s Embrace X. More balances, both nerfing and buffing will be conducted in every balance update that will come at a regular schedule starting from May! Please stay tuned for our evolving meta and leave us feedback in discord to share your thoughts. [/i] [b]Crystal - Winter’s Embrace X [/b] Removed Text : When this card is discarded, apply Frozen(1) Added Text : You are granted Build-Up(4). Damage Stat: 4 < 5 [b]Enryu - Foot Stomp X [/b] Removed Text : Apply Stun to your opponent. Text Change : If your opponent has a Barrier active or if your are enraged, damage is further increased by 8. [b]Lee - Leg Sweep X[/b] Action Points Cost : 0 < 1 Damage Stat : 7 < 8 [b]Lee - Neck Chop and Goin Strike [/b] Removed Text : You are granted 1 Action Point. [b]Susan - Preemptive Shot X [/b] Damage Stat : 6 < 7 [b]Tori - Favoured X [/b] Text changed : If you have a Bleesing on you consume it, your block value is increased by 2, speed by 1 and you are granted SHallow Grave. Any block success wil consume the blessing. Block Stat : 7 > 6 Speed Stat : 4 > 3 [b]Tori - Salvation X [/b] Regen stat : 2 > 1 Block Stat : 8 > 7 [b]Tori - Invocation X [/b] Text Change : If this card is discarded, you are granted Fortify(3) and Persistence(3) > Fortify(1) and Persistence(1). [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41575826/ec5a1abaec62fcae5a281f1f6b90e9e4a40e27c4.jpg[/img] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41575826/467032b39e9e38b8291501574f9db8a4720d8a05.jpg[/img]