Another free update with "Unlockable Equipment" is out now!

Shopkeeper Simulator VR

Manage your own shop in this VR tycoon game! Buy delicious items and sell them at a profit. Unlock helpful equipment to reach the end of the day. But beware of thieves who grab your money when you're not looking!

[img][/img] Make enough money to unlock helpful equipment for your shop! Although the new update contains all three unlockable items, we will introduce each new equipment separately. Today: [b]The door bell![/b] Once unlocked, the door bell will give you an acoustic sign that a customer has entered the shop. Very handy when sorting your items and not having the time to look at the door all the time! The door bell costs you 75 and is unlocked through the new "Equipment" panel in your notebook: [img][/img] The bell is attached on top of the door where it will detect any "customer movement" :) [img][/img] Let me know if you have already unlocked the bell and how you llike it. Tomorrow you will get a description of the [b]Money Safe![/b]