Creeper World IXE

The Creeper always returns... but this time, we have the advantage! Explore new worlds where the creeper, sand, and particles all merge in a pixel level simulation pushing the bounds of real time strategy into new territory.

The Creeper always returns... but this time, we have the advantage! Liberate and explore hundreds of worlds in this real time strategy game where the enemy is a fluid and every pixel of the terrain is simulated. Terraform your way through dozens of terrain types, and use gravity and terrain combinations to your advantage. Bring awesome new weapons to bear against chambers of compressed Creeper that explode outwards with ripples and wave mechanics.

Creeper World IXE continues the Creeper World RTS franchise and brings sand, particle, and creeper fluid simulations together in a combination that opens up new strategies and threats. Bring multi-weapon units to a dynamic battlefield as you explore worlds for secrets of the Creeper. Gain experience and unlock new and amazing technologies in your fight not just for survival, but for dominance. Humans, not Creeper, will rule this galaxy now and always!

Create and play custom maps with new and original units made by the community or yourself! 2D pixel graphics are married with a detailed and robust custom map and unit creation system, so nearly anyone with an idea can make a unit or a mission and share them with others. Use built-in control modules, or craft your own with robust built in RPL scripting.


  • Sand physics terrain where every pixel is simulated.
  • Enhanced Creeper fluid simulation with waves.
  • Particle system for a new threat.
  • Terrain chemistry and terraforming.
  • Extensive custom unit support with scripting.
  • Online map database.
  • Story/Campaign missions.