v0.21.2 - New weapons, a lot of improvements, tweaks and fixes

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To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.21.x in dropdown. This update adds a new type of melee weapon that is mostly focused on late-game where effects from it will resemble magic weapons. The few added this update is just the beginning. The update also includes a new crash reporter, which will hopefully help me catch the last remaining crashes people are experiences with the ease of sending a report. Hopefully, you'll never actually see this feature ;) I've also added the ability to set your settlement names. This is a beginning to making settlements more advanced, interesting and a much bigger part of the game. I've already started implementing this, but it's taking some time and will come in smaller updates like this one. Homing projectiles are now much more reliable than before, same goes for weapons like swords and spears. This will especially be noticed when playing multiplayer. Lastly, there are a bunch of tweaks to balance, some fixes and a few quality of life changes. See the full changelog below



Added Quartz Glaive melee weapon. Added Cryo Glaive melee weapon, dropped from Cryo Queen. Added crash reporting. Added mud areas to swamp caves. Added camera shutter effect when taking screenshots. Added settlement names. When making a new settlement you will be asked to name it.


Ammo and Coin Pouch can now pick up items when you drag it and click on an item. Adjusted Ammo Pouch texture slightly. Travelling humans will now disappear after a few minutes if they can't reach the edge of the map. Updated copper armor textures to match other copper colors. Reordered a few recipes to make better sense. Changed place tooltip for ice tiles to be more accurate. Changed smart mining control to only toggle if button is both pressed and released outside UI. Reworked "homing" projectiles movement to be much more consistent. Changed Icicle Staff textures to fit other glacial items. Inventory slots that are locked from moving will now be visible. Reworked a bunch of hitbox events making it more consistent that you won't get hit if it doesn't look like you will. Settlers will now no longer attack monsters that are too far away from their home. Traps can now hit objects like crates, vases etc. Increased damage of traps slightly. Bait will now drop from grass much more frequently during rain. Made Giant Cave Spider rarer and won't spawn the first 2 in game days in forest and plain caves. New players will now also spawn with a Wood Sword. Cave chest rooms are now slightly more common. Dungeon Candelabra now gives out purple light and is used for Void Wizard arena. Settler deaths will now show a message in chat. Player death messages will now be red instead of white. Settlement indicator and names will now show on world map. You might have to visit the island once for it to update. Updated ladder textures to match style better.


Fixes missing translation of poison arrow Fixed Quartz Staff enchant cost being too low. Fixed guard settlers having too little armor. Fixed a few items that should drop from material death penalty. Fixed a bug that could cause things to be more "choppy", especially on higher frame rates. Fixed mobs sometimes stopped rendering on edge of screen. Fixed Evils Protector bomb sprite bobbing up. Fixed a rare bug where lighting would cause an error. Fixed not being able to pick up ammo with Ammo Pouch when having full inventory. Fixed potential server error computer going to sleep or running super slow. Fixed some bugs relating to desync between open menus. Fixed client not synchronizing recipes with server. And a bunch of other smaller changes and fixes.

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December 21st 2019

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December 21st 2019


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December 16th 2019