Jul 13, 2018


《Immortals》 is a SLG with fast paced fighting. When the game starts, the hero will appear in a huge maze, and your goal is to find a way out of the maze. The hero will encounter other characters in the maze. They may be enemies or friends. You need to be careful in making judgments.

Dungeon Arena - Class Bard
Aug 9, 2021

Dungeon Arena - Class Bard

This addition adds to the game a completely new character Bard with new weapons and capabilities.

This is not RPG
Jun 29, 2017

This is not RPG

First of all, my English is very poor.I'm sorry.I really feel bad about that. I'm a keyboard man. The pursuit of happiness, the escape from pain is everything to me. There is no level at all. It's a person who is daydreaming all day and thinks the dream is pretty good. For me, the game is my second life....

Monospaced Lovers
Feb 6, 2023

Monospaced Lovers

Clara wakes up to a phone that isn't hers. Journey through an introspective, fantasy-filled land and save your world before it disintegrates in this metafictional platform-adventure game about closeness and distance.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III  - Monster Ingredients Set 2
Mar 23, 2020

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Monster Ingredients Set 2

A set of monster ingredients essential for cooking.

求闻编年史 ~ Gensokyo Recollection
Aug 23, 2022

求闻编年史 ~ Gensokyo Recollection

这是一部以九代阿礼少女为主角展开的宏大叙事向东方同人RPG:拥有过目不忘能力的稗田阿求因一场噩梦丧失了所有前世的记忆。 为了找寻自己的记忆,稗田阿求跟随幻想乡众人踏遍幻想乡的每一个角落,重新见证幻想乡的历史。