The [Lords Fest] World Tour!

Published by: Lords Mobile

It’s time we met, Lords and Ladies! We are now 3 years old, and we would like to thank you all for your support! Lords Mobile will be bringing the on a world tour in 2019! The is an offline fan meeting that will be taking place in many cities all around the world! We’ve prepared astonishing activities, superb souvenirs, and many more surprises for the festival! Latest updates for the world tour: 1st Stop | Tokyo | 2019.3.23 2nd Stop | Taipei | 2019.4.27 3rd Stop | Berlin | 2019.4.27 4th Stop | Bangkok | 2019.5.25 5th Stop | Istanbul | 2019.5.25 6th Stop | Rome | 2019.6.15 7th Stop | Jakarta | 2019.6.22 8th Stop | Los Angeles | 2019.6.30