Sharing some heartfelt words with everyone before the release


You'll immerse yourself in first-person perspective, encountering four boys with diverse personalities and appearances, embarking on various sweet love stories with them. The aloof boss, the gentle neighbor, the adorable coffeeboy, or the platonic friend? Among them, who will be your final choice?

After over three months of preparation, filming, and production, "Oops! They Love Me Way Too Much!" is set to be officially on April 2, 2024! Since the game was published on the Steam store, we have received evaluations and attention from internet. "Oops! They Love Me Way Too Much!" is my first independently produced game, and I feel immensely honored! Here, I, Evia, sincerely express my gratitude to everyone! [Bow] [b][Purpose of Production][/b] The inspiration for creating "Oops! They Love Me Way Too Much!" came at the end of last October, right after I finished playing "Love Is All Around." My first reaction was, [b]why isn't there an interactive romance game for girls?[/b] After estimating the approximate cost (which turned out I was still too naive at that time, haha), I shared this idea with my good friend, and we hit it off and got to work! Then I started the early preparations, assembling the team, recruiting actors... Many problems arose in that stage, mainly due to insufficient funds (the production costs were all money I saved from working , and I was working while developing the game. I often joked with friends that 'I need t work to feed the project', haha), and our lack of experience... After the game was published on the steam store, we faced many doubts, and even I began to doubt myself. Can we really recoup the costs? It's tough, but let's do it for the love! So our pricing is 3.99$, with a 20% discount for the first two weeks. I hope everyone can give it a try, experience it, and if you have any feedback on the content, gameplay, or features, feel free to leave comments, and I will respond actively to everyone's questions! [b][Future Plans][/b] This is my first independently produced game, there are many immature aspects in its production, but we will actively maintain it! We will gradually update features such as achievements, multilingual support... (If anyone has suggestions, feel free to leave comments here~) We will actively listen to everyone's opinions! [b]Once again, thank you all! [Bow][/b] [b][Last but not least][/b] Today! Our game is going to meet you guys from all over the world! Thanks to all the cast and crew for their hard work! Hope you'll enjoy the game!