Release Date and Launch Supporter Reward for Breachers


Breachers is a tactical 5v5 VR FPS. Plan your assault or orchestrate your defense as a team through intense close-quarters combat. Climb, vault, rappel, swing, shoot and strategize your way to victory in stunning environments.

[h1]Breachers release date & "Elite" Jesper skin Launch Supporter Reward![/h1] Over 60,000 people have played the Breachers open alpha, and we are beyond grateful for the community's suggestions, feedback and overall response. [b]We are excited to announce that Breachers will launch on steam with a Launch Supporter Reward; the "Elite" Jesper gun skin, for those who buy the game in the first 48 hours after release![/b] Make sure to wishlist Breachers to get a notification, so you don't miss out on the reward! Additionally, we're equally thrilled to reveal the actual release date of the game; [b]Breachers will officially launch on April 13th.[/b] [h1]Introducing the "Elite" JESPER gun skin[/h1] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43245638/9d4a0af7123421f44cec16d32c186a8cd1bf5da7.png[/img] As previously stated, every person who buys the game on Steam during the first 48 hours after launch, will get access to the "Elite" Jesper gun skin, our Launch Supporter Reward! The JESPER is the standard side-arm players spawn with at the start of a round, and with this skin it has never looked better. [h1]The End of the Open Alpha[/h1] With the Launch Supporter Reward announced and an official release date inching closer, the [b]open alpha will come to a close on March 24th.[/b] Don't miss out on your chance to try out Breachers before it goes live on April 13th! More details on the alpha in our Discord: [url=][/url]! We hope you're as excited for launch as we are. - TF