HoT Fix | Ranged Enemy Attacks

Halls of Torment

Slay hordes of terrifying monsters in this horde survival roguelite. Descend into the Halls of Torment where the Lords of the underworld await you. Treasures, magical trinkets, and a growing cast of heroes will grant you the power to vanquish these horrors from beyond. How long can you survive?

[h2]Hello everyone![/h2] Thank you all for the reports. After rolling back the version earlier today, we finally found the issues cause projectiles of enemies causing trouble. A short but detailed bug fix list: [list] [*] Fixing one shot kills caused by Wyrms on Ember Grounds [*] Fixing projectiles of enemies would not spawn [*] Fixing projectiles of enemies would not deal damage [*] Fixing projectiles of enemy explosion effects would not trigger [*] Arcane Rift no longer dealing tick damage with base damage increases [/list] [b]Cheers, - Chasing Carrots[/b]