Gameplay overview

November 19, 2021 anca.b Community Announcements
Hello editors, Welcome to NSFW Studio. In this devlog we're going to tackle some basic in-game concepts so that you can familiarize yourself with the game and get a glimpse of what NSFW is all about. Enjoy your reading.


Freelancers are here to help you and to make your job easier. You can find the freelancer button at the bottom of your screen: At start you have access to only a freelancer, more will be available as soon as you level up. To find more details about the freelancers click on their icon and the info panel will appear. Here you can see the level of the freelancer, the cost to level up and her skills.


In the instruments tab is the place where you can improve your frame bonus and final cut duration. To buy instruments you need vouchers. You can obtain them via bundles or by performing tasks. To check the bonuses from each instrument, click on the icon and a new window will appear: Here you can find a short description of the instrument, the current effects, the bonuses for the next level and the cost to level it up or sell.


The promotion button is in the bottom right part of the screen under the Player Name. Near the promotion button you can see a star with a number, that number represents your current promotion. To see the requirements to promote again click on the promotion button: Promotion gives you access to a new background and new skills.

Boosts and Software

In the bottom part of the main screen you have a panel that can hide/show depending on your preferences. You can change the appearance by clicking on the 2 purple arrows in the right part of the screen. Below you can see how it looks when you hide the buttons. You get minimal information about your current stats and boosts. If you click on the arrow to show you the bottom panel, more info will appear: The boosts are shown in the left part of the screen. In the above picture you can see that we have 4 available boosts and we activated 2 of them. Active boosts are animated and you can also see the bonuses. Below the boosts we can see the player name and level, the frame/tap amount, the requirements for leveling up and the promotion button. In the right part of the screen we have the Software tab (buying software gives you the boosts). Each software gives you various advantages. Each software can be leveled up to get better bonuses. In order to get access to more software you need to increase your player level.

Game Currencies

In NSFW Studio we have 2 different currencies: 1. Munnies - this is the regular currency in the game. You earn munnies from tasks, or from clicks on the screen. 2. Krystals - the premium currency in the game. You can earn krystals via achievements, tasks or if you buy bundles using Nutaku Gold. Both currencies are important in the game for example you need munnies to hire new freelancers and to level up, krystals give you various boosts and help you to progress faster in the game.

Temporary boosts

Temporary boosts help you to improve your income for a short period of time. There are different boosts , each has different advantages from instant munnies to short increase in productivity.

Welcome back screen

When you open the game after any period of time, a welcome back screen will appear. In this screen you can see how many Films your freelancers finished and your earnings. You have the possibility to claim your Normal earnings or 2x value using krystals. That's all folks. Don't forget to Wishlist it and stay tuned for more.