Anomalytics: From the Files of the Arcane Statistics Authority

As an agent of the Arcane Statistics Authority, delve into the concrete depths of abandoned warehouses, malicious start-ups, and redacted art exhibitions to log arcane phenomena. Armed with your trusty calculator and a trove of empirical equipment, prepare to combat the unknown ... by measuring it.

[b][i]Greetings, number crunchers![/i][/b] We come bearing dreadful news: [b]Anomalytics, the first game from Happy Accident Studios[/b], [url=]is now available on Steam[/url]. This is the beginning of something [b]momentous[/b]. A venture into a [b]dark and disputed frontier[/b] of encoding-based horror games. A [b]veritable Pandora's box[/b] of questionable gameplay. To commemorate this historic (in the good or bad way, time will tell) event, you may enjoy, at the cost of our own financial ruin,[b] a 15% discount on the already-reasonable price[/b] during the first week after launch. Tell your friends. [b]And certainly tell your enemies.[/b] For those of you who are already involved in this dreary business, we hope you enjoy your stay with us. We asked our resident game developer for a glimpse of what lies ahead and he sent us this image before running, screaming, into the woods. [b]Make of it what you will.[/b] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44863717/e6428bce0b26210f9485fdf5f135c72514363e60.png[/img] Cheers! [b]The Director[/b] Arcane Statistics Authority [i]Redacted, Redacted, Redacted, S.I.[/i]