Barony V3.3.4 - New JSON Modding tools for Monsters & Maps!

June 11, 2020 WALL OF JUSTICE Community Announcements

New Workshop modding tools!

Starting with version v3.3.4, we've introduced JSON support for some fancy pieces of random generation and custom dungeons! Some examples of what is now possible through the Workshop by just editing text files:
  • Controlling which monsters spawn in each tileset, including custom user-added tilesets!
  • 10000% Gold and EXP mode!
  • Create your own rare minibosses! With custom followers! And give them random spells!
  • Turning every monster into a cockatrice!
  • Disable the minimap! Share minimap progress with allies!
  • Global EXP range!
If this sounds up your alley, check out the new Workshop and Guide created to show everything that's possible: Dynamically generate custom monster loadouts within your maps, all through the Barony Workshop!

V3.3.4 Changelog:

<*>Added community Discord link to the title screen. <*>Lockpicking: Attempting to unlock doors/chests now has a gradual increasing chance to unlock each failure instead of being completely random - persistence will eventually pay off! <*>Added a borderless mode in the settings -> video tab. Changing resolution now tries to re-center the game each change instead of remaining in position for windowed modes. <*>Camera now has a smooth transition while descending/ascending when swimming or Shapeshifting <*>Experimental smooth camera test - console command /usecamerasmoothing tries to move the player camera synced to frame-rate rather than world updates. Works well when stationary, handling movement is still work-in-progress! <*>Editor: "ceiling tile" sprite can now have a model index up to 9999 (was 999) <*>Editor: Minimap now supports sizes up to 512x512, up from 64x64. The minimap will automatically shrink down to attempt to fit the map best at larger sizes. <*>Bugfix: Fixed Gyrobot 'trap detection' not working correctly

16-Player Beta Branch Updates:

  • The 16 player branch has also been updated to v3.3.4 with some miscellaneous crash fixes we've received to date.
  • If you experience any issues in this mode, be sure to send us any crash/bug reports so we can keep improving stability!

A Shout Out to Our Workshop Creators in 2020:

Thanks everyone for submitting, we love seeing creative ways to mod Barony! Check these mods out for inspiration to make your own creations! Barony 20XX More Rooms Barony Wicked Rendition Pwn25's Extravagant Weapons Texture Pack Croc 2 - Music Pack Crosshair -> Cursor