1.0.3 Patch

Community Announcements

A new patch is live!

* The star is a Steering Sensitivity slider added conveniently to the Pause menu which now controls both digital and analog sensitivity. Just Pause, adjust to taste, and keep on keepin' on ^_^ Other changes since launch:
  • Controls panel rearranged a bit to more clearly show Analog and Digital mappings for both Keyboard and current controller/wheel (separate steering page)
  • Pause menu now has all in-game settings available without having to go to a separate Settings/Options page
  • NPC headlights dimmed slightly
  • Resolution menu now re-scans current display resolutions every time you enter it
  • Minor bug fixes
A big thanks goes to the community for the suggestions that resulted in these improvements! If you have any other ideas on features or quality-of-life improvements for the game, let us know here or head over to our Discord to discuss! * You may need to restart Steam for the patch to download.