Spacelines from the Far Out: Flight School

Spacelines from the Far Out: Flight School is all about getting you prepared to take on the task of running your own Spaceline before launch! Join up to 3 other people to take on the challenges and demands as you ferry people to their destination.

Learn the basics of space-faring and get a taste of Spacelines from the Far Out... for free!


Welcome, applicant! Do you have what it takes to become a full-fledged space flight attendant?

Then pack your bags, invite your friends, and take on a space captain's first challenge: surviving the trip from the flight school to the Company Terminal.


Flight School features a simple campaign that will get you ready for the full experience of Spacelines.

What you'll find in Flight School:

  • Flight school campaign
  • Full online and local multiplayer
  • 1 ship, with 3 layouts
  • Low and medium tier ship upgrades
  • 10 spaceline customizations


Remember to wishlist the full version of Spacelines from the Far Out here, featuring:

  • Unlock the Aurora Terminal
  • Manage, customize and upgrade your fleet of ships
  • Massive main campaign
  • Even more procedural challenges and events
  • Tons of unlockable ships
  • 50 unlockable playable characters
  • 100 unlockable spaceline customizations

If you experience any discomfort due to zero gravity, sudden decompression, or relativistic time dilation, please immediately contact the nearest Inspector at our official Discord server.