Outpost: Infinity Siege

Command Mobile Outpost and take XEN Firearm to venture deep into the Signet surveillance off-limit area. Collect unique Weapon Units. Amp up the firepower of the Outpost that fights with you. This is an FTD game - FPS, Tower Defense, Base Building and much more all at the same time.

Outpost Building

Explore the world, gather resources, merge and upgrade outpost units to build your own outpost.

Unique Weapon

Fully exploit the value of the unique XEN Firearm with different protoslag attributes, and utilize ammunition with diverse performance.

Loot & Farm

Enjoy the abundant difficulty levels, diverse gameplay features, and distinctive maps of the exploration mode. Venture deep into the brand new zones full of hazards and opportunities, and harvest powerful outpost units.

Co-op Feature

Fight alongside friends on Recovery Day, or strive together to survive infinite waves of monsters in Endless mode till the last moment.