X-Plane 12.00b3 release notes

September 21, 2022 bornsecular Community Announcements
Made bleed air availability writeable with override. XPD-10960 XPLM always returns success for a terrain probe even if it fails. XPD-12520 Fixed black screen when bailing early from intro. XPD-12778 AI needs to not use 'airshow smoke'. XPD-12895 CTD with Citation by trying to access PERF LANDING page #3 of 3. XPD-12902 CTD while struggling to enter the route in the A333 MCDU. XPD-12905 CTD with Citation X when selecting a STAR. XPD-12912 Waves move in slow motion. XPD-12915 This fixes a crash on exit in the boat manager. XPD-12916 Crash detecting unplanned user runway use. XPD-12917 Crash from null pointer in controller list. XPD-12919 Crash after re-filing bad flightplan after filing good flightplan. XPD-12928 Fixed facade-scraper radio masts failing due to incorrect slant error. XPD-12932, XPD-12961 Demo mode pop up text says Seattle not Portland. XPD-12939 Manuals still list KSEA not KPDX as demo area. XPD-12944 Typo in rendering settings menu. XPD-12946 Old landmark situations from X-Plane 11 not working. XPD-12962 CTD When changing fuel tank selector on Lancair Evolution. XPD-12893 Extremely jittery pixellation in clouds in VR.