Update 0.1.91 - 8 January 2020

Published by: Knight and Ninja Games

Hope everyone had a great holiday time! Now that it's a new year, we can settle back into things with a small new update for ZNT.

New Menu Text

The first thing you will probably notice is a new look to all the text in the main menu. Of course, as soon as you start playing a game, this text can also be seen in the game gUI for the points and wave indicators. It may seem like a small change, but it really adds more life to the menu, especially when what came before was drab and boring black text with a simple, single tone outline.

Coral Planet Environment

In addition to all the pretty new UI elements, the Coral Planet map has received a few visual updates. In particular, the placeholder doors that were previously in place there have been replaced with something more fitting of the theme: Tube-worm gates. That map is actually starting to feel like its namesake now!

Near-Future Teaser

I hope you enjoy these additions to ZNT, and I promise I have something big coming up very soon. Unfortunately, it's big enough that I have been working on these new systems in a different version of the game project in GameMaker, and until I can guarantee that it won't break everything, I won't be making major additions to ZNT. Ideally, the updates until this big one will include stuff that can be easily transferred between my different game projects. However, I assure you, it will be worth it, and it looks like we are on course for it to be done in time for the next update slot! Stay tuned, and happy hunting in ZNT!