Minor Update 1 - 7 November 2019

Published by: Knight and Ninja Games

Hey! I hope you have been enjoying Neon Termination in the two weeks since it launched! It's almost time for the first update in Early Access, and here are some details on the features it will be adding. The new update became available on 7 November 2019, and here is what it brought with it:
  • Added a "Max Wave" display to the Map Selection screen, showing the maximum wave number the player has achieved on each individual map. An expanded version of this feature is still in production, including friends leaderboards, and a dedicated leaderboard screen. NOTE: Local Leaderboards, as they currently function, will reset to 0 with each update.
  • Three new Primary Weapons have been added. Try them out to figure out how these new options can be best put to use fighting the swarm.
  • Several minor bug fixes and quality of life improvements have been made. The weapon selection menu buttons are now fixed to the camera, several menu objects now scale to different screen resolutions better, and some minor gamepad compatibility issues have been fixed.
Unfortunately, more items were intended to be added during this update, but they had to be delayed due to some frustratingly persistent game breaking bugs and some poorly timed last minute events. Some of these issues are still present in this update, as bringing new content to the game is a priority over fixing some obscure bugs, but solutions are being worked on as soon as possible. Additionally, the content that was announced for this update but did not make it into the current build will be added as soon as it is finished, before the next update. This may mean that updates could be released tomorrow or the next day, and the features and content delivered in those patches will be reflected in this list. In order of what will be worked on, you can expect new Sound Effects first, and then the new special weapon. More patches may be be finished before the next scheduled update, but these will be bug fixes and will not be reflected in this post.