Patch 0.1.9 - 11 December 2019

Published by: Knight and Ninja Games

Balancing and Screen Shake

Hey, it's been a while. You feeling well today? Good, me too. Today I'm bringing you a pretty small update to ZNT, and some news about the update schedule for ZNT. As you may or may not know, Knight and Ninja Games, the developer of Zyxia: Neon Termination, is a one person operation. Unfortunately, I had some medical issues plague my life for the last month, so getting time to work on updates has been remarkably difficult. Not to worry though, things are settled down at this point, and I have been hard at work on some new content for ZNT!

Update Schedule News

It isn't all ready yet, but this little snag so early in Neon Termination's Early Access time period has gotten me to reconsider my content release schedule. Starting right now (with this update), ZNT will return to a bi-weekly update release schedule. However, instead of specifying beforehand what kind of update each will be, I will be naming them based on the content provided. This means that if something takes an unexpectedly long time to finish, I can stop for a few days and work on something smaller to make sure that there is always something new to add to the game on a regular basis during Early Access. If you want specific dates for updates, I will be providing those in the Steam Discussions Forums for ZNT, so be sure to check it out.

Update Content

Enough of that boring stuff, what's new today? This patch is bringing with it some balancing changes. Most creatures have had their health reduced by a significant amount, and several of the weapons have had their damage increased by an equally significant amount. This means that it is easier than ever to shred through the swarms of Zyxia! To top it all off, the starting weapon has been modified to do much higher damage... but only to the first enemy it hits. Specifically, its damage value gets reduced every time it hits an enemy. This makes it much more valuable earlier in the game, but it pretty quickly loses its edge to other weapons as more creatures are active at any time. The other thing of note is that screen shake has been made more intense across the board... But an option is now available in the Options menu (on the main menu) to completely disable screen shake. I hope you enjoy the changes, and if you didn't try them out before, be sure to check out the 3 new weapons added without an announcement between the last major update and now!

Patch Notes


  • Damage of all weapons has been increased by between 10-40%
  • Excluding Leapers and Darters, enemy health has been reduced by between 10-40%
  • The Default MG (starting primary weapon) now deals diminishing damage with each subsequent enemy hit by any individual projectile it fires.
    • Damage is multiplied by 0.8 each time it deals damage to an enemy.

Map Alterations

  • Any set of doors with 0 enemy spawn locations between them on the Cargo Ship map now open when any of them are activated, and their costs have been combined.


  • Screen shake is now more intense.
  • There is now an option to disable screen shake in the options menu.