Patch 0.2.0 - 18 February 2020

Published by: Knight and Ninja Games

Hey, everyone! We've finally hit game version 0,2,0 of Zyxia: Neon Termination... But what does that mean?

What's New?

Well, it means that several technical quality of life changes have been made and are available now... and that some much more exciting new features are going to be arriving soon. Today, you can quickly and easily update your button mapping on both keyboard and gamepad controllers from within the options menu, and they will be shown correctly in button prompts for interacting with objects and next to your currently equipped weapons. Additionally, at any time during gameplay, you can swap between keyboard and gamepad controls by pressing any button on either control scheme. Handy.

What's Next?

With this update, the way many functions of ZNT operate under hood have been updated. This update has laid the foundation for many features to arrive soon, the biggest one being Local Multiplayer. In the near future, however, you can expect content updates including new weapons, a ton of new sound effects, new visual effects, new creatures, and even new variations on the aliens that already exist. All that, in addition to quality of life adjustments, most notably working towards full controller support. I hope you look forward to continued updates. Good luck surviving the swarm in Zyxia: Neon Termination!